Home Security Cameras More Useful, Less Big Brother

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Archaic video cameras, black and white, fuzzy, some still use VHS cassettes and these are suppose to protect store owners, homeowners and help the police find the bad guy?  Home security is important, but home surveillance along with home security can make a difference.

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Improvements in camera technology, the addition of WiFi to homes and communities now makes home surveillance feasible.  You can set up your own system if you’d like or contact a home security specialist or two and shop around until you find a plan that is in your budget.

Big Brother

Modern cameras catch criminals, but more importantly, if it’s recorded, those files can help to convict the criminal.  Neighborhood watches make great use of them just as an added deterrent to criminal activity.

We already have cameras at street lights, banks, grocery stores and many of them have upgraded to digital recorders and higher res cameras.  Setting up a system in your home, where it can help you the most is something you may want to consider for peace of mind.  It may seem a bit Big Brother-ish and Big Brother loses his totalitarian appeal the more he works for the good of the public.

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  1. Locksmith Jobs | October 19, 2011 at 3:43 am |

    Some people think security cameras are expensive but they need to know it is those cameras that will deter most thieves…

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