Green Energy Courtesy of ElectraTherm

electratherm green energyElectraTherm is a company out of Reno that builds a machine that can convert heat into clean green energy.  The company has a patent on a technology that collects wasted heat utilizing ORC, Organic Rankine Cycle which in turn generates an emission free and fuel free usable power source.

The plus side to the technology is that it is low cost not only to the environment but also in maintenance and energy usage.  ElectraTherm Technology looks like it is pulled right from the Frank Herbert universe of Dune and very well could be as it has several applications that can be used far into the future.

The ElectraTherm Green Machine can be attached to already existing equipement and integrate into the established process of solar farms boosting the energy output by capturing wasted heat and converting it.  This technology can be applied to Geothermal sources, solar thermal as previously mentioned, boilers, stationary engines and biomass.  Visit the ElectraTherm website for more details

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