Google will Launch Street View in Germany by the End of the Year

Google Street View on Germany

Google, a multinational public cloud computing, Internet search, and advertising technologies corporation, announced the upcoming implementation of its “Street View” mapping feature in the country of Germany before the year ends.

The California-based Internet and software giant said in statement on Tuesday that the feature will be in the country’s 20 largest cities and that people can ask to have their house removed from the database starting next week. The company also said that they will blur faces and license plates, however a lot of citizen still concerned and alarmed.

Google’s Street View, which provides a clear photographs of the city taken by Google cameras, has generated controversy in Germany and other European countries based on fear that people could be seen doing things that they did not want to be seen doing or in caught in places that they did not want to be seen without their consent. Some radical groups and individuals criticized the Google’s service.

On the other hand, the Internet search giant is testing a ‘micro-drone’ aircraft, from German company Microdrone, in some streets in Germany.

Wirtschafts Wochethat, owner and chief executive of Microdrone Sven Juerss said in an interview:

“The drones are very suited to deliver up-to-date image material for Google Maps. We have good chances for a long-term business relationship with Google.”

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