Google Optimizes Its Search Engine With Google Instant: Auto-Suggests, Searches As You Type

Google Optimizes Its Search Engine With Google Instant Auto-Suggests, Searches As You Type

The king of internet search launched a new version of its search engine today: Google Instant, which is especially designed to expedite searching process and to produce accurate and fast results before users have finished typing and offers suggestions for what they wanted to search for. The search method provides results on the fly and auto-suggests search queries which is based on the exact characters.

Google stated that the search method is not new desktop, such as in Spotlight on a Mac or the Start menu in Windows, but should help users find what they want before they’ve finished their results. Google uses a wide range information form the billions of monthly searches to predict what a searcher is looking for. For instance, typing “Cali” into Google Instant, instantly brings up search queries for California, without the searcher having to hit the enter key. The initial testing shows that the average user can save two to five seconds per search, which can in turn save Google users 11 hours per second collectively.

User need to use a modern browser that features AJAX to pop up search results as soon as a searcher begins typing. Users in Europe and Russia will also have access to Google Instant if they are signed into instant capable browser, and it will also be implemented to all locations and platforms soon. Google Instant for smartphone such as Android, iPhone and other devices is still in process but expected to be announced within the year.

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