Google May Team Up With Paypal for Android Apps Payments

Paypal apps for Google Android OS

Ebay’s Paypal is coordinating Google about integrating the payment system with the Android OS. At present, smartphone uses are using credit cards or Google Checkout in paying for their purchases. Paypal payment app is an option to expedite the payment process.

“It’s clear that PayPal has been making huge strides in mobile,” Maribel Lopez, from Lopez Research, told Bloomberg. “From Google’s perspective, they just haven’t won the war on this. Why bother fighting it?”

Both Google and Paypal have not commented on this information, but CNET reported that the Paypal app for Android would work like how iTunes works for Apple. Users used iTunes in purchasing apps for their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

If the talks go the ongoing negotiations goes smoothly, this will give Android devices one more option for mobile payments, meaning users can now purchase in some online store that require Paypal.

Recently, Paypal offered a way for merchants to accept payment for items from users without an account with Paypal. They called it ‘Guest Payments.’ Now card holders who don’t want to sign up for Paypal can now complete a purchase by using their credit card alone.

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