Google Maps 4.5 Beta Driving And Walking Navigation For Android

Google Maps 4.5 Beta Driving And Walking Navigation For Android

Google always have tons of surprises, first the company offers the priority inboxes, then comes the Google Instant Search, then some new updates to its Android Voice app, and the Google Earth website, follows with the Android Froyo 2.2, and now the Internet giant is updating the Google Maps on Android with a brand-new feature: the walking navigation, which will provide users with routes for pedestrians or indications that they are walking.

The company has made an announcement that the Google Maps 4.5 beta version for Android is now available and users can download the app for free in the Android Market.

Hugo Barra, director of products for mobile at Google, delivered the news that the new update will be available in “just a few hours” and added that “We had the idea that people are now navigating using Google Maps, getting turn by turn navigation in your car, so now we’re launching a walking version of that.”

The new app, available for users of Android 1.6 or above, is not just a walking directions, the walking navigation feature was especially designed to provide users a clear “turn-by-turn” directions as their way from point 1 to 2 on foot. By clicking the “walking” from the Navigation icon, the device will automatically activate the internal GPS to show you the step-by-step direction. Its satellite view feature will also allow you to see what’s around you. The new feature also has voice navigation and it also gives you a vibrating signal when you need to make a turn, so you never miss a voice command, and the map will rotate with you as you change directions.

Google will also be bringing new features to Streetview on the mobile, where 3D animations and interaction will be offered, and a much slicker zoom feature will be offered.

However, google stated that the Walking Navigation is still in beta, and Google Maps may not always have up-to-date information or optimal walking routes. So whenever you used the Google Maps Navigation, you should always be safe and pay attention to road signs, follow signals, and use good judgment about routes that can’t be walked.

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