Google Maps 4.3 for Android can be utilize as map quest driving directions

Google Maps 4.3 for Android Google just recently released Maps 4.3 for Android phone and based to the new features and information given out by the Google Mobile Blog, it seems like the application is gearing towards becoming ala FourSquare and other location-aware social media apps. It also has easy to use map quest driving directions. According to Google, the latest features of Google Maps 4.3 would provide a quick solution to your find directions, locate specific places and structures, train and bus schedules, and find friends to add on your Google Latitude account.

One of the primacy features of the new Google Maps 4.3 is the color coded bar on top of the phone’s screen to efficiently analyze and gives out brief review snippets of people about specific places.

Google Maps 4.3 application also adds upcoming schedules to the public transit station pages which provide options to users select any transit station icon directly from the map and open its page by simply tapping the window. Upcoming schedules provides user with the departure and arrival schedules for any subways, trains or buses that leaves from any station which has available transit information.

Also, the new Google Maps 4.3 designed Android’s most important new feature is the location sharing feature which user can find right at the bottom of the user Latitude friend list. So sharing your exact location to anyone that is in your Google Contacts is not possible. The user can also add any suggested friends by simply tapping the +icon which will send an automatic sharing request.

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