Google Doodle Cake: Happy 12th Birthday Google

Google Doodle Cake: Happy 12th Birthday Google

The Internet search giant once again changed their logo with a new “Google Doodle,” this time we will see an image of a “Birthday Cake”. This is to celebrate Google’s 12th Anniversary in technology history.

The Google birthday cake logo was designed and created by Wayne Thiebaud, an American painter famous for his paintings of cakes. This logo is a real painting.

There has been a bit of confusion as to exactly when Google’s birth date is? In past years, the search engine has celebrated on 7th and on the 15th of September. Google registered their domain name in 1997 on September 15th.

According to information found on Wikipedia, statically, Google has more than million servers in different part of the world and it has become a household word around the world.

Happy birthday Google!

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