Google Dominates Internet Search Against Bing and Yahoo

Google Dominates Internet Search Against Bing and Yahoo

Google still holds the title of the most popular search engine. According to the data published by Internet data tracking firm comScore Inc. on Tuesday, Google continued to lead the U.S. core web search rankings in July.

U.S Internet users conducted approximately 16.6 billion total core queries in July, up 1% from the previous month, with Google sites leading with 10.3 billion searches, followed by Yahoo! sites with a far down 3.4 billion searches and Microsoft’s search engine Bing with 2.1 billion searches.

However, Yahoo! sites experienced a 1.2% growth in core search, with 20.1% of total core search share compared to 18.9% in the previous month. Microsoft sites’ share of the total core searches fell to 12.6% in July from 12.7% in June. Both Yahoo and Microsoft Corp.’s Bing maintained their No. 2 and No. 3 positions,

The news of Google’s dominance in online search comes as a major relief for the SEO companies that count on Google. Meanwhile, Bing has made reasonable progress since its implementation. But still has no capability to match the monopoly of Google. Google continues to develop and add more useful and interesting features that make virtual life easier.

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