Google’s Android Overtaken Aplle’s iPhone and Took the Top Position in U.S. Smartphone

Google’s Android Overtaken Aplle’s iPhone

Smartphones based on Google’s open Android platform overtaken Apple’s iPhone OS as the world’s third-largest smartphone operating system. Android OS already outsold the Apple iPhone, globally for the Q2 2010, according to analysts at Gartner Research.

Gartner researched showed that there are approximately 10.6 million or 17.2% Android OS smartphones were sold during the quarter and Apple sold only 8.47 million or 14.2% iPhones for the quarter. And the entire smartphone sales for the quarter also grew from 41 million to almost 62 million, year-on-year.

Because of the successful quarter sales Android are now sitting beside Research in Motion (RIM), the creator of the BlackBerry line of devices. RIM sold approximately 11.23 million BlackBerrys or 18.2%, and Symbian – the main platform in Nokia’s smartphones – accounted for the clear market lead with 41.2 percent. However, Windows Mobile is has no capacity to match its top rivals and sold only 3.1 million units or just 5%.

Due to continuous increase of smartphones in the market as well as fierce market competition, consumers can expect a higher quality devices and much aesthetically appealing at increasingly affordable prices.

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