Good Day America, Vanquishing a Shadow

justiceIt has been a decade of an open wound.  The wound has healed enough to keep trudging on, but Osama Bin Laden’s evasion of the US Military has left a mark upon the way that each American has lived their lives.  It may not have been felt while you made breakfast or drove to work, but it was always there.

If you were watching Celebrity Apprentice last night when there was word the President would give a speech shortly about a topic of National Importance, your first thoughts may have gone to a crisis, something terrible that happened either here or abroad.  Your next thoughts may have been a chuckle as the President broke in as Mr. Trump was about to fire someone from the women’s team.  A possible strategic, political move by Mr. Obama, showing Trump who’s the real boss or funny happenstance?

The next thing you heard was that a murderer was brought to justice.  The next thing you felt may have seemed like a weight off of your shoulders.  Relief, a National feeling, a shared experience of the feeling of closure.  Your story, your experiences and thoughts are part of this long saga.

Memories may rush to the forefront of your mind over the next few weeks, but that a tragedy was dignified with a conclusion. Take comfort that the scales shifted towards good with the removal of another calculating mass murderer whose reach of terror and fear spanned the world for too long.

Heal, pray, laugh, feel better again and share your experiences with your family.


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