Golden Ticket Awards: Cedar Point Named ‘Best Amusement Park in the World’ For 13th Consecutive Years

Golden Ticket Awards Cedar Point Named 'Best Amusement Park in the World' For 13th Consecutive Years

Sandusky, Ohio-based amusement park Cedar Point was again, for the 13th consecutive year, has won the title of “Best Amusement Park in the World” in the prestigious Golden Ticket Awards presented annually by Amusement Today.

The Amusement Today, a monthly trade newspaper, surveys experienced amusement park goers from different part of the world to determine which parks get the top price.

“Calculated from an international poll conducted by Amusement Today, the Golden Ticket Awards are the results of a detailed survey that is sent to a database of experienced and well-traveled amusement park fans around the world – in balanced geographical regions,” the newspaper said.

Additionally, the Cedar Point’s Millennium Force roller coaster was named as the “Best Steel Roller Coaster.” The ride, now 10 years old, stands 310 feet tall and go above speeds of 90 mph. Cedar Point also have the Top Thrill Dragster, which is the world’s tallest roller coaster with a height of 420 feet at a 90 degree angle and speeds reaching up to up 120 mph.

“Being at the top of these lists is quite an achievement. We are very proud of these honors, and they mean a great deal to all of Cedar Point’s employees,” John Hildebrandt, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point, said in a statement.

Cedar Point also stated that four of its other rides made it to the top 25 in the “Best Steel Roller Coaster” category which includes the Magnum XL-200 (8th), Top Thrill Dragster (10th), Maverick (21st ), and Raptor (24th).

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