Global Health Insurance and Travel Insurance

travel insuranceEurope is cracking down on visitors having adequate health care while traveling.  United States and Canadian citizens are finding that other countries are refusing entry if proof of medical insurance is not provided.  If you travel often, you many need to look into a solid global health insurance plan.  Most health insurance policies will not cover your medical expenses when you are outside of your country of origin.

If you are planning a European destination for a vacation then travel insurance should suffice.  Canadian’s are being specifically targeted because of their particular brand of governmental provided health care.  However, it could be beneficial for even American travelers abroad to carry temporary travel insurance to cover possible scenarios that may require accident, life and health insurance.

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  1. sergiohill | May 11, 2011 at 7:44 am |

    When my husband and I planned for an early retirement we were both in our 50’s. Not only were we retiring, but we were moving to Nashville, TN. Since we resigned from our jobs, we knew we would have to buy health insurance and dental insurance in Tennessee. We purchased a PPO family plan, for just my husband and me, through “Penny Health Insurance” . We paid for the family plan ourselves, initially, the cost was a little less than $400 a month for both of us. Our co-pay was very reasonable at $25 each per office visit.

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