Glee Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson

Glee Michael Jackson Episode

Countless ‘Glee’ fans are begging for a very special episode that would be dedicated to the late ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson, of course, as expected the stars of the show fully supported and excited about the concept. In the past episode of musical comedy-drama television series they already featured music by the likes of Lady Gaga and Madonna.

Aside from the creator of Thriller and Heal the World, other big name within music industry such as ‘Sir Paul McCartney’ as well as ‘Coldplay’ has also agreed to have their music featured on the musical television series.

The talented stars of the show are very excited and enthusiastic at the same time about the special Michael Jackson episode, however the episode has not been finalized by FOX Broadcasting Management yet.

Harry Shum Jr., Chinese looking American singer-actor, said, “That is so awesome”, and Matthew Morrison, musical theater and television actor-singer, said at the Teen Choice Awards that a Michael Jackson tribute episode would be “pretty cool.” He went on to tell ‘MTV News’ that “He is probably the best and most iconic performer in the history of music.”

Jenna Ushkowitz said that the Michael Jackson tribute episode would be “a scary, scary episode to do”, but admitted that it “would be absolutely amazing”.

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