Glassgate: Third-Party iPhone 4 Cases Causes Scratches And Cracks

Glassgate Third-Party iPhone 4 Cases Causes Scratches And Cracks

Apple may be facing another flaw that affects its iPhone 4. Tech blog GDGT reported Thursday that some slip-on third-party cases can cause scratches or cracking on the iPhone 4, so the company immediately recalled a large number of iPhone cases from its retail and online stores. Apple engineers are trying to determine and resolve the reason behind the incidents that may result to a big problem, according to GDGT’s Ryan Block.

“Internally, I’ve heard the iPhone team has grown to be very concerned by this issue with slide-on cases, and has created a lab and large new test program specifically to investigate this further,” according to the post.

Due to this recent iPhone issue, a lot of iPhone case manufacturers are in limbo, waiting to see if the company will ship their products back from Apple stores.

“Although the numbers have never been disclosed, Apple supposedly gets 10-15% off the top of all officially licensed MFI accessories (in recent years this has said to have changed to a flat rate per accessory). Giving Apple a cut hurts margins, but it also opens up a big opportunity: if Apple chooses to carry your officially licensed product, it will give it shelf space in one of the highest grossing retail chains (per square foot) in the world,“ Block wrote.

Previously, the company was flooded with numerous complaints about the recently launch iPhone 4 poor reception and a dodgy antenna that was released on June 24.

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