Gambling Survey Results Released

Online Gambling in the UKThere have been 2 reports released recently that are concerned with gambling in the U.K . The first one was carried out by ICM Research, the Gambling Prevalence Survey. The second one covered a bigger time period and was carried out by IBIS World.  The Gambling Prevalence Survey covered the whole year that ended in March of 2012. This study covered general gambling participation with remote and overseas accounted for as well. This study surveyed a total of four thousand adults.

55.2% of the surveyed people stated that they have been a part of one type of gambling in the last month. This survey stated that 58.1 % of the people who were surveyed made the same statement. As usual, the number of the males who made such statement was more than the number of the females, and for the females, a big percentage of them was older than 45 years old. The study also indicated that the National Lottery remains in its spot at the top of the gambling activities, as 45 percent of the people stated that the lottery was their choice of gambling. The second place was for the National Lottery scratch cards and other types of lotteries. As for the horse tracks it achieved 4.3 % and slot games achieved 3.4 %. Remote gambling only achieved a small percent of 12.2.

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