Gambling Operations Exiting Spain

It has been stated by Unibet, the gambling group that it would withdraw itself entirely from the online gambling market in Spain. This is a result of the expected new gambling rules and regulations that the country is planning to impose soon. This has been confirmed when reports emerged that an internet poker website in Spain called Red Poker sent an email message to its clients advising them that all of Unibet’s clients and players will be able to withdraw their money but Unibet is going to end all of its operations and services on the 14th of May in 2012.

As an alternative to Unibet, it has also been stated that Unibet has formed a coalition and a business partnership with Paf, the Swedish online gambling operator. Paf has already presented its papers to the authorities in Spain and is in line to be licensed to offer its services to the Spanish Market. This partnership offers Unibet’s loyal customers a replacement after they withdraw from the Spanish market.

Back to the email that was sent to the customers, it also stated that on the 14th of May, Unibet would suspend all of its activities, but players will still be able to have access to their accounts. The only things they will be able to do is request for a withdrawal and check the history but any other application such as entering or viewing the products will be off limits. The email also mentioned the partnership with Paf and ensured the customers that they will be able to play poker and bet on sports through this new partnership.

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