Gambling Company Named a Best Workplace in the UK

According to reports, Pokerstars, the online gambling operator known for its online poker games which is based in Isle of Man, has been chosen one of the best workplaces in the United Kingdom. It was chosen by Great Place the Work Institute. This institute interviews many employees and surveys them each year in order to come out with a verdict as to who is the best workplace in the United Kingdom. It also audits more than five thousand organizations worldwide that represent more than one million employees. Then the institute starts to classify these companies and firms in their own countries according to specific terms such as camaraderie, credibility, fairness and respect towards the employees.

There are more than one thousand employees who work for Pokerstars worldwide; more than half of that number is located in the United Kingdom offices of Pokerstars that are located in the Isle of Man and London. Commenting on this news, the directors of human resources of Pokerstars, Lynn Hunter, has stated that in order for their company to expand and grow, they have to do their best to attract and maintain the talented and gifted employees. They do that by making sure that all of the employees are rewarded according to their performance. It was also added that the company is very glad to get this rank especially that it is the first time ever that the company takes place in this survey.

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