FTP Online Poker Expected to Re-open After Short Hiatus

Online poker gambling site Full Tilt has announced they will be offering Internet gambling services once again beginning on November 6th for real money. These services had been suspended due to the legal shake-up surrounding online poker around the world in the past few years.

Full Tilt can now offer this service after acquiring a gambling license from the IoM Gambling Supervision Commission, permitting Full Tilt to operate legally and securely, without fear of litigation against Internet gambling.

These events have taken place after Rational Group acquired the assets of Full Tilt in August. Rational Group already operates an online poker gambling site called Pokerstars. This previous contact with the Isle of Man (IoM) was a major asset for Full Tilt in gaining its permission to operate, as the relationship between IoM Gambling Supervision Commission and the Rational Group has been very positive throughout the operation of Pokerstars.

Gambling Supervision Commission, CEO,  Steve Brennan, commented on the reputation of Rational Group, stating that the Rational Group management had shown complete compliance with the gambling regulations of the IoM. Mr. Brennan added that Full Tilt was approved through the assessment of its own merits and demonstrates the determination and ability to comply with the IoM regulations.

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