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If you are looking to sharpen up on your mind skills then try the Mind Mender application. It is the perfect app that will exercise your mind and help to improve not only your memory and concentration but your speed of reading. It even works to improve one’s eye sight! One of the exercises includes the memorization of numbers.

Free Apps for Android and iPhone

They get faster and faster making it more difficult as you progress. On the beginning menu you will be able to choose which training game you want to play. They are called memory attention, stress language and focus intelligence.

App Games

This game, although not so much a game as it is an enhancer, can be played by adults and children. Compete with others around you to see how far you can get and who gets the furthest.

Great Apps

Mind Mender is rated 4 out of 5 stars and it is easy to see why. Who would think to take such a simple exercise and make into an application that can enhance the intellectual part of our minds? Many users notice a positive difference in their memory after a few times of using this app! It may not make you a genius but it sure is fun to try!

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