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Free AppsIf you love to read then you may want to think about getting the Classics mobile app. Within this mobile app you will find many great books that you will enjoy right from your cell phone. The collection of books continues to grow so you will always be able to find those great classics you love to read. Just to name a few; A Christmas Carol, The Time Machine, Paradise Lost, Flatland, The Jungle Book and more.

If it’s a classic, then this application has it and if they don’t have it yet, they most certainly will soon. Whether you are bored on a plane or taking a break at work just whip out your iPhone and begin reading your favorite books from this mobile app. They fit perfectly on your screen so all you need to do is scroll down and not over. It fits on your phone for easy reading. Perhaps the best part of all is that the software updates are completely free.

Whenever new classic books are added, just do an update without paying anything and there you have it! All you bookworms will enjoy this app and for those still in school, instead of having to purchase the book, if it is a classic you will find it here!

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