Free Apps Could Open You Up to Debt Collectors

app reviewsApple’s iTunes store and the Android Market are both finding huge success with their free app selections.  App developers are finding that same success by creating and releasing their apps for free and collecting advertising revenue.  It is a great program for everyone involved, from the top to the consumer, but did you know that the Software Development Kits are there for virtually anyone to develop an application for a smartphone or tablet pc?  That includes debt collection agencies.  It has recently come to light that debt collection agencies are hiring developers to make games and other free  apps to collect information regarding the whereabouts of people that owe money to credit card companies.

Apps by Debt Collectors

While no specific companies or apps have been named, the problem is very real.  By accepting the requested permissions for the apps to function, the end user is agreeing to hand over any information that is being requested by the app.  That can mean anything from the actual location of the user at all times, address, or any other information that is contained on the device.

Duplicitous Debt Collectors

If you find this to be a duplicitous tactic, then you may have not had experience with debt collectors in your past.  This type of trickery is quite common and much of it has been derailed by legislation, however, this supposed invasion of privacy is an allowed invasion once you press accept.  If you are told about an app through an email, you may want to disregard that altogether.  If you are offered any kind of app from a credit card company that you have no dealings with, then you should also disregard.

App Market, Free Apps

Relying on information found at the originating app market, such as comments by supposed consumers may want to be ignored as well.  If you are interested in an app, but are not sure of what is required from the app as far as services and access, then first check with an app review site.  These sites are a better filter for this type of app, being able to recognize the signs of a phishing app much better than consumer market places like iTunes or the Andorid Market.

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