Former NRL Player Loses Appeal

NRL Rugby Player Loses AppealSYDNEY, Australia – Ryan Tandy, the former Bulldog’s NRL player, has lost his appeal for a conviction that was levied against him for match fixing.

Tandy was given a 12 month bond for good behavior in October, and he has recently been fined $4,000 for his conviction in a match fixing scheme that dates from 2010.

Tandy, a former forward for the Bulldogs, was the recipient of a guilty verdict for his part in giving away a penalty during a match against the Cowboys during their 2010 game. He was found guilty of attempting to make over $100,000 for those who were involved in the fixing scheme with him.

Judge Laura Wells, of the Sydney District Court, dismissed Tandy’s appeal, and said there was no doubt in her mind he was trying to change the results of the match.

The judge went on to detail how she felt that the prosecution proved their case effectively, and in this situation, it was apparent that the defendant was indeed guilty of the crimes with which he was charged.

Judge Wells commented that the former forward was attempting to pay some of his debts that were in the range of $30,000, and that this was the motive behind the score fixing incident in her mind.

Tandy was also given a six month sentence, that was non-custodial, as a result of his complicity in this case. This stemmed from the lies he told to the Crime Commission during their initial investigation of this matter.



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