Florida House Okays Ban on Web Slots Online Gambling

Slot MachinesHot on the heels of the Internet café online gambling scandal that rocked Florida earlier this week, a select panel of the Florida House Representative passed a bill before the week ended.

The bill declares online slot machines as games of chance and therefore illegal and banned in the state of Florida, regardless of where the slot machines are in operation; whether in Internet cafes, adult arcades or the popular Miami-based “maquinitas” (small machines). This therefore denotes that online slot machines will still be illegal even if it shifts operation in any of these venues.

The scandal not only revealed the real deals and machinations of the non-profit organization Allied Veterans of the World, but also prompted the Lieutenant Governor of Florida, Jennifer Carroll to resign.

Although there are no charges filed against Ms. Carroll, she is a known advocate of the non-profit organization and supporter of Internet café operations in the state.

It has also tainted the reputations of the Republican and Democratic Party members currently serving in Florida’s Senate and House of Representatives, particularly those who strongly supported the legalization of the Internet cafes.

Actually, the House approved a ban on Internet cafes last year, which did not see the light of day in the Senate floor.

The unmasking of Allied Veterans of the World led investigators to information, which disclosed that both political parties received substantial amounts of political campaign and lobbying funds that came from the non-profit organization’s illegal Internet-based gambling operations.

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