First Land Based Ohio Casino, Horseshoe Cleveland

The state of Ohio will finally get its first land based casino, after votes on a state level for almost twenty years; the state will get to see its first casino, the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland that is now open. The city actually closed all of the streets leading to the casino hours before its opening. All of these closed streets near the heart of Cleveland near the casino were not opened until the next day.

The voters, who voted by a 53% of approval also approved the opening of casinos in the city of Toledo which will open in the next 2 weeks and casinos in Columbus and Cincinnati, these are expected to be opened by 2013. The Horseshoe Casino Cleveland has more than two thousand slot games, around 63 table based games and 30 tables for the WSOP and a VIP lounge. This casino is estimated to have five million visitors annually. This is why the city of Cleveland has been doing its best in order to leave a good first impression as the casino opens.

This casino was developed through a partnership by Rock Gaming, whose owner is the same owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the basketball team, Dan Gilbert, and Caesars Entertainment. Both of them have high hopes for this casino and promise that visitors will have the experience of a lifetime.



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