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online dating sitesWith all the tools available to help you navigate from point A to point B, this mobile app is rated at the top. Brought to you by ‘Networks in Motion’ the VZ Navigator will do a lot more than get you around in your travels.

You do not only need to use this application when you are on a road trip but you can also pull it out during a traffic jam. It delivers information that tells you instantly of traffic incidents and will provide accurate detour tips.

The keyword being ‘accurate’ and not leading you down some dead end road to only get you more lost! Not only are the maps provided in 3D but you receive alerts when conditions change, get reports of current weather conditions and perhaps the coolest feature among everything else is gas price information. Not to mention that this application covers over 750,000 miles from 48 states of open road.

That is fantastic in comparison to other applications offered that can inly be used within very limited mileage range. Worry no more about traffic and find cheap places to purchase gas. What more do you really need in your travels cross country or ride to work?

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