Fashion Schools Hot Summer Hair Styles

fashion schoolsNow that summer is fast approaching, the time has come to think about what kind of hairstyle you will be wearing this summer.  Our fashionistas have been keeping a close watch on what kinds of styles are making a presence on the runway to make sure that you can stay up to date.

Popular Style

Bobs are an ever-recurring summer style popular with those that want something easy and cool for the heat.  Fringe cuts are also becoming very popular, as well as being very easy to maintain.  Another style that is gaining popularity once again is the layered look.

Fashion Schools

This style has always been a favorite for those trying to add more body to their hair, but hasn’t been very popular in the past decade, until now.  The crop style is also very popular and being brought back by fashion schools, but make sure that you keep those ends choppy for an edgier style.  Bold colors like strawberry pinks are great options for highlights.


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