Fashion Design Summer Courses in Milan:Holiday with Study

The NABA Introduction to Fashion Design summer course ( gives aspiring fashion designers, or just people who love fashion (with no age limit), the chance to experience an enjoyable two weeks creating a mini-collection from the first ideas to the final presentation and all that that involves.

An intense two weeks starting with research on a fashionable theme, then putting down ideas, playing with images, and developing them, making mood boards, creating a fun fashion item and producing a portfolio of finished designs that students can then take with them if they then wish to apply for further studies on diploma courses.

Each student is encouraged, and shown how to, express their ideas to the maximum. Meanwhile, talks will be given on the fashion system as well as cultural background and input lectures on the chosen theme.

There will also be explorations of Milan’s glamorous fashion, and ‘alternative’ fashion, zones and important design stores; as Milan offers the best design and fashion outlets in the world.

“Introduction In Fashion Design” is part of NABA Summer Programs, which have reached their 7th edition this year.

NABA faculty have worked hard improving past programs and developing new ones to make the Summer Educational offer as interesting and varied as possible.

Milan will provide a stimulating and enticing environment: Milan is the city of architects, designers, fashion stylists, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, creative minds and publishers.

In addition to the more traditional courses in Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Graphic Design, Interior and Product Design, NABA has developed brand new courses in extremely topical fields such as Fashion Marketing, Fashion Photography and Journalism, and Cinema Studies ( …).

This can be the first step towards developing creative potential (Introduction Level courses) or improving and enhancing existing skills (Studio Level courses).

Introduction to Fashion Design will take place from July 5th to 16th 2010 in the city of Milan.

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