Fans Break Into Beibers Hotel Room

 Justin Bieber is widely known for creating frenzy in tween girls across the world. Just recently his hotel in the UK was surrounded by hundreds of screaming fans so much so that the police needed to be called. In fact they warned Beiber that if he stepped onto his balcony a riot was likely to ensue.

This was not the only problem the young pop star faced while across the pond. Two overzealous fans found a creative way to sneak in for a closer peek at the singer. The teenage girls found housekeeping outfits and used them to sneak into the hotel as well as into the singer’s actual suite.

They followed housekeeping protocol and cleaned the room until their excited giggles gave them away.  They were caught trying to get into Justin’s bed as well as taking pictures of his belongings. The girls were later evicted from the premises.

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