Fairleigh Dickinson University NJ Online Poker Study

New Jersey Online GamblingThere has been a poll released by Fairleigh Dickinson University which touched on the topic of the opinions of residents of New Jersey towards online gambling. This poll showed that most of the residents are against the legalization and the regulation of online gambling, but they do want to be able to bet on different sports legally. As for the exact numbers, they came close to an extent, with having 31 % of the residents pro online gambling and 53 % against it. As for wagering on sports, the voting came very close to these numbers as well but the exact opposite, as the majority wanted to legalize sport wagering.

Despite this poll, the lawmakers in the state of New Jersey are pursuing their goal to legalize both online gambling and sport wagering. They justify these pursuits by saying that it will give a much needed boost to the casinos of Atlantic City, although the legal position of such laws is still in doubt. The Governor of the state, Chris Christie has already signed a bill that would legalize sport wagering in New Jersey once federal ban is lifted. As for online gambling, the governor vetoed a bill in 2011, and he didn’t make any comments on any changes that would make him change his position this year.

There is a major concern regarding online gambling, the fact that online gambling may allow underage residents able to gamble. Responding on that, proponents stated that there is technology and software that would be adequate to confirm a user’s age to be 21 or more in order to enter such websites.

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