Facebook and Skype Teaming Up To Rival Google Voice

Facebook and Skype Teaming Up To Rival Google Voice

There are reports that Facebook and Skype are in talks to establish a new business partnership that would combine both of the company’s communication services, integrate the voice and video chat capabilities of Skype with the Facebook social networking platform, the Wall Street Journal said, citing a person familiar with the situation.

The Facebook and Skype partnership would pose a great threat to Google. The internet giant recently integrated Google Voice VoIP calling into Gmail to provide cheap voice and video local and international call to its users.

A report form AllThingsD suggested that when Skype 5.0, currently in beta, launches in the few weeks it will be accompanied by an announcement of a partnership and full integration with Facebook. The report suggested that both company is planning to create a communication platform that will integrate texting, voice calls, and Facebook Connect.

“Facebook is aiming to be the central communications and messaging platform for its users, across a range of media,” writes Swisher. “Facebook’s goal, according to sources: To mesh communications and community more tightly together and add more tools to allow users to do so.”

Experts believe that both companies would greatly benefit from the alliance. Facebook and Skype have roughly an equivalent number of registered users worldwide (around 550 million each) with Facebook dominating the US market and Skype reigning supreme abroad. Using Skype and Facebook concurrently sounds like a brilliant idea.

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