EU Regulated Market Report

Online Gambling Payment ProcessingThe data report of the EU internet regulated markets of 2012 was released by and the results were very interesting. It listed the order of the biggest online gambling operators in the United Kingdom market alongside the percentage of their market share.

The order of the online gambling companies according to the current records and statistics came as followed:

The market share of William Hill on top of the list with 15% of both internet and retail markets. The company is worth a total sum of two hundred and fifty three million British pounds per year.

The market share of Betfair wagering exchange and internet group is a close second as it holds 11% of the market share.

Right after Betfair, comes the Bet365 gambling group with a market share of 9.5%.

Paddy Power comes in the 4th place with a market share of 8%. In the 5th place, comes Ladbrokes retail and internet gambling group with a close 7.5% of the market share. As for Pokerstars, it came right after Ladbrokes with a market share of six percent.

In the 7th place comes Gamesys with a market share of 5.5% and being followed by 888 in the 8th place with a market share of five percent. In the 9th and 10th places came Skybet and with a market share of 4.5% each.

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