Erick Erickson of CNN think Obama is Kenyan

Obama is Kenyan

Since Obama’s campaign in 2008, there are a large number of Americans wondering about Obama’s real citizenship or birthplace and whether he is eligible to serve as President of the United States.

Just recently, an inflammatory right-wing Red State blogger and contributor of CNN, Erick Erickson, twitted on his Twitter account just to suggest President Obama is from Kenya. Erickson, one of the members of the “best political team on television,” is apparently tired in preparing his “wife’s shotgun” to threaten the U.S. census workers. Currently, the blogger is seeking additional attention by slyly igniting the birther conspiracy theory that Obama was born in Kenya.

Erick Erickson, who previously referred to former Supreme Court Justice David Souter, as a molester,” and derided Obama’s Nobel Peace prize, as an “affirmative action quota,” is now assuming the role of former CNN host Lou Dobbs, by suggesting that Obama is not a natural born citizen:

“I’m starting to think Barack Obama is Kenyan for Herbert Hoover,” wrote Erickson on his Twitter account.

Technically, there is no such language as “Kenyan,” and the official languages of Kenya are English and Kiswahili.

Additionally, the Republican Congressional assembly has been whining about the “deficit,” fully embracing the failed economic policies of Herbert Hoover, at a time of near double-digit unemployment.

The first black American President, together with Democratic lawmakers have been forcing for a jobs bill and extending unemployment benefits, which the Republicans have delayed time and time again.

Recent Update: Erick, claims it was a joke! – A good one too… 😉

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