eCOGRA for the Denmark Gambling Market

Online Gambling Payment ProcessingeCOGRA Approved for Denmark and Italian Gambling Markets

News coming from the newly regulated and legalized market of Denmark, as with the emergence of many newly regulated markets in Europe and Denmark a lot of testing service providers are starting to offer their services to these markets. eCOGRA is one of those agencies, an independent certification agency that provides testing and certification services to online casinos. It first started as an accreditation agency for online casinos, but it expanded until it began to cover all types of internet gambling verticals along affiliate programs and content developers.

The demand on such agencies and service providers has been on the increase with the emergence of newly regulated markets and a more legalized establishment of the online gambling community. Now, eCOGRA is ready to supply its services to these markets, starting with the Danish online gambling market. As eCOGRA already stated that it has been working on developing and increasing its resources in order to satisfy the needs of the newly regulated online gambling market in Denmark in order to play a huge rule in supplying this kind of services to the Danish market.


In order to be certified and ready to work in the Danish market, eCOGRA stated that it has passed a rigorous assessment. It also announced that it has succeeded in getting and extension added to its accreditation. This extension when added with the assessment will make the eCOGRA pass and meet all the requirements needed and asked by the Technical Standards and Change Management Programme of the online gambling market in Denmark.

This has been stated by the Chief Executive of eCOGRA, Beveridge, as he stated that eCOGRA is now ready and has all what it needs to work legally within the Danish Market. He added that the agency will provide all testing and consulting services to the entire licensed internet gambling operators in the market, or who are on their path to get licensed. The regulatory authority of Denmark has stated that there are 5 different certification categories, and the extension that was acquired by eCOGRA will enable the agency to work legally at all of the 5 categories. The Chief Executive also stated that the gambling operators and companies that work within the Danish market for online gambling already showed their interest in the service that eCOGRA would provide.

Newly Regulated Danish Gambling Market

The newly regulated Danish Market is not the first market whose regulatory authority has accepted and approved eCOGRA. eCOGRA also got approved by the Italian regulatory authority, AIMS. It also been approved by the Spanish regulatory authority of online gambling.



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