East Coast Gaming Conference Atlantic City

New Jersey Online GamblingOn the 16th and the 17th of May, the East Coast Gaming Congress that takes place every year took place in A.C. The participants of this meeting were the leaders and the experts in the world of online gaming. They met to talk about the recent events that are taking place within the online gaming industry and to share their visions and opinions. No topic is more important than the possible legalization and regulation of internet gambling in the U.S.

The chairman of US Digital Gaming, Richard Bronson, commented on this and said that for the congress to agree to pass any kind of bill that would legalize online gambling and make it available to every home in America is nearly impossible. This is due to the fact that the congress can’t agree on simple things and is always divided, so for such a bill with a great magnitude, it is impossible for them to pass it.

Richard Bronson added that the only way that internet gambling would see the light is that the states will have to do all the work themselves and legalize it in their own state law. He estimated that at least 2 states in the U.S will have a legalized internet gambling market within 2013. In fact, he specified the state of New Jersey to be the first state to pull it off. He continued and talked about the revenue and the potential of a legalized internet gambling market, he said that almost 40 million people go to Las Vegas annually, which is great, but 40 million people go on Facebook each couple of days.

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