E3 2010 – Your Shape – Kinect Game

Kinect is this Good

E3 2010 – Los Angeles: Kinect the new Microsoft’s Camera with Your Shape from Ubisoft is revolutionary

Today we’re checking out the new workout game from UbiSoft, which exploits the Kinect camera’s potential to scan in the whole body in many interesting ways.

The game comes with hundreds of activities, like Tai Chi-workout, fitness workout with various kicks and hits, and hundreds gym type exercises.

Your Shape enables you to follow your Nutrition. It helps you to lose weight with excellent work outs and keeps track of your stats such as calories and scores which you can share with the community.
It can even help you to reduce your stress level.

The game shows very good interface and captures the body’s movements delightfully. It helps you create your own personalized program where you never have to do the same workout twice.

Your Shape from Ubisoft Features

Your Shape Helps You Eat Snacks

When midday hunger hits, Your shape will help you choose snacks that won’t derail your diet.

Your Shape (Small) Preview


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