Does Free Online Backup Hold Much Value?

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Although recovery software is abundant, hindsight is the absolute worst when your important files are at stake. With as many risks as your computer is threatened with from viruses or just equipment that’s out of warranty, preventative action is far better than having to try to salvage your only copy of a family photo from a scrap heap of data. If you have recently purchased a new laptop or desktop, you may have noticed that online backup companies are now bundling a year worth of free service or even just free storage with new systems. It’s pretty much the same concept as baby formula companies distributing free samples to new mothers at hospitals. The hopes are that you will be loyal to the first brand that you encounter and especially one that was so generous as to give out free product. Smart for the online backup company, but not checking out the competition and relying on such a weak marketing ploy for a quality product is simply a disservice to the consumer’s wallet.

Does Free Online Backup Hold Much Value?

Certainly, there’s a lot of free storage being offered. Most amounts are great for the average computer user, but the serious computer user will quickly find that they need more space, better features and both of those come at a premium. Another reason that advanced users end up deciding to pay for online backup is good old fashion human tech support. Free online backup typically comes with support that is little more than an email contact to a dim, out of the way office where a disgruntled robot replies, “Sorry, we do not offer support at that level of service.” So in a real digital file crisis, free online backup just doesn’t have the legs. However, there are plenty of online backup companies on the market that have very reasonable prices.

TheTop10BestOnlineBackup. com is a website that breaks down all of the services being offered by some of the top-rated online backup companies. The website also clearly compares important features like amount of online backup storage space and price, but they also rate and monitor the speed and reliability of those providers. In a for instance, take IBackup, it has an overall rating of 88%, charges a little more on the high-side of pricing and only offers 20GB. For a general user, that’s not really such a great deal considering Microsoft offers 25 GB of free space with their SkyDrive service. The real value currently, comes from online backup companies that offer unlimited storage along with other features like mobile app access, auto-backups and a high versioning quantity. Those are all features that take the sting out of paying a monthly fee, simply because it adds value where free services do not.

Online Backup Features

Features are the biggest shortfall in free online backup solutions. You can see a huge list of differences between them and their paid counterparts. None of the free plans facilitate faster backup options; they are either slow or filled with advertisements. Unlike paid services, free ones do not provide file versioning and auto archiving old files. Some of the other cool features of the paid services include mobile data support, network drive support, file sharing ability and non-stop data backup.

Unlimited plans are especially important for businesses. While most online backup companies price business plans differently than single user plans, unlimited is still something to keep an eye open for when choosing a service.

Security is also another factor that should be heavily considered. At the pay-level of service, providers will offer “military-grade” or “financial institution” security. This is fairly standard for all pay, online backup companies. The difference between the companies when it comes to security is how they actually use that military-grade digital security. If you are a business owner looking for secure online backup then you may want to choose a provider that gives the customer the ability to manage their own security. This is definitely an area of security that needs to be available if your company handles confidential customer information.

Cloud Backup

It is important to know what exactly to look for before selecting an online data backup provider.

• First of all, don’t go by the lowest price. Keeping the right priorities in choosing the provider is very important and pricing is not always the most important factor. VALUE, is what you are looking for and value comes from getting exactly what you need. Although price cannot be neglected altogether it should not be your first priority.

• Check for the maximum storage provided for the subscription fee you pay. Different providers offer different plans, you should take time to compare the features online. You can also choose different plans within the provider based upon the size of the data storage that you will need. A good guide for this is at thetop10bestonlinebackup. com.

• The security measures adopted by the company to protect the backup data are important. Try and understand the way the data would be stored on their servers and make sure that it encrypted on upload as well as when stored. Poor encryption just opens up your data for the possibility of being stolen.

• Customer support is another important area to look for so that when you have a real problem that there are people who can help you with your issue.

• Do not forget to do research on the provider’s history and background. Knowing if a company has endured previous attacks on their servers and how they managed is good information to have. If there were any prior attacks, how much time did they take to resolve the problem and what magnitude of data was stolen? This is important to rate reliability of the provider.

• Check if the provider has auto-versioning and auto-backup features. This means that any change in data will automatically be uploaded to the backup servers without human intervention. This is one of the most basic features expected of any paid online backup provider.

• If you wish to back up your mobile data as well, check with the provider for a mobile version of the backup service and that it is compatible with your mobile platform.

• Last but not least, make sure your provider offers an online backup solution for more than one computer with just one subscription. There are many popular providers that provide this at no extra cost.

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