Do You Need a Law to Keep Your Kids from Sexting?

laws against sexting

That inevitable birds and the bees talk should now include why sexting is something to stay away from. Sexting in Texas is currently an offense punishable by prison time and registry as a sex offender for a lifetime. The act falls under the Child Pornography Statute where transmitting a nude or partial nude photo of a minor, even if it is the sender in the photo.

Senator Kirk Watson and Attorney General Greg Abbott have proposed a new Texas law making it Class C misdemeanor for those under the age of 18. Any further offenses could be upgraded to class A or B misdemeanors. Source.

It is a sad state of affairs that there need to be less harsh laws because the practice has become so rampant in teens. Most parents now know that if a young child is using the internet, that their activities should be both closely monitored and security settings maxed out, but this may need to extend to all forms of communication devices.

Many parent’s may be awaiting Apple’s anti sexting technology which will block transmission of sexual content from mobile phones, but in the meantime, shut it down before it starts, have that talk. Let your teens know that you disapprove and that bad judgment in youth can follow us into our adult life.

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