Do a Barrel Roll, The Silent City and other Interesting Easter Eggs

The Silent City

Kettie Jean of The Silent City

Interesting Easter Eggs

Surfing YouTube falls under investigative reporting right?  In researching a few articles this morning, I discovered an interesting hidden gem from director Rubidium Wu.  The YouTube webseries, The Silent City has been playing for a month or so and has delivered three spectacular episodes.

In watching the series again, I noticed at the end of episode one, that there was a brief flash of an image.  A hidden clue? If so, what is it a clue to?  We’ll wait to find out more as the series progresses, but it looks like one viewer has made some progress with the potential riddle.  “7 dot 9… still sorting out the password.” gregorygeiger 1 month ago

Easter Eggs have a long tradition with programmers and directors.  Some of the notable ones that come to mind are Google’s Do a Barrel Roll, the hidden tracks on Nirvana and NIN CDs, the Disney DVD cover art that was pulled from the shelves and then also the famous Microsoft Flight Simulator hidden away in Excel.  More information about Easter eggs in this context can be found here.

It also looks like there is some added footage at the end of The Silent City Episode 3.  Included here is the playlist for the webseries if you want to try your hand at cracking the code take a look:

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