Cruise to Nowhere!

Carnival Cruise LineNever before has a cruise been more affordable!   Carnival Cruise Lines are now offering the perfect answer to a mini-vacation while being able to enjoy all the amenities of a long cruise.  Their new “Cruise to Nowhere” offers a two- or three-day cruise from several major ports for a very affordable low rate.

These cruise leave port to set sail on the open ocean, only to return again in just a few short days.  While there are no magical island adventures or explorations of new locales, guests aboard the ship are invited to explore and enjoy all of the amenities the cruise line has to offer.

Full dining, and entertainment options are available, as they would be on a longer cruise, as well as the casinos, spas and child care services.  It’s a great way to get a way for mini vacation without breaking the bank or your wallet, and also a great way to try out all that they have to offer.


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