Creative Writing, A Bedtime Story for Adults

creative writingThere is a new picture book appearing on bookstore shelves all across the country, but this one isn’t for children, no matter how pretty the pictures are. Entitled “Go the (bleep) to Sleep”  this book is a creation from the brilliant mind of Adam Mansbach, and portrays  his real-life struggle with his toddler daughter’s bedtime.  Parents are raving about this book, many of them having been in the same situation before, or are currently.  The illustrations in the book, done by illustrator Ricardo Cortes, are as beautiful as those that are seen in the children’s section, and really help put the reader in the mind of a parent trying to get their child to bed.  This book should clearly be left off of the bedtime story list, but is a great gift for a parent of a toddler or any expectant mother.

The writing is quite excellent and the book is beautiful, but the audio version narrated by Samuel L. Jackson really brings the book to life.  You can check out YouTube for a video/audio version online.


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