Conflict of Interest with IGT Internet Gambling

New Slots Game from MicrogamingDespite the many rumors and news concerning the legalization of internet gambling in the United States of America, there is no specific or certain date of when or how will this legalization happen. The only thing that we have are theories presented by analysts within the internet gambling community predicting and estimating how the stake holders should react to these rumors and what strategies to follow. There is a question that involves conflict of interest. This question is related to the slot machine providers who supply these games to their customers, the land based casinos. Will these providers continue to do so and provide their clients with online slot machines for their online gambling casinos, or would they want to have a bigger share of the market by doing it themselves. This will lead to a fierce competition between the slot machine providers and their clients.

This question is not theoretical, as it has already occurred. IGT (International Game Technology) is a leading company in supplying slot games to different land based casinos. It also provides online slot machines to different online casinos through WagerWorks, its internet casino software sector. This company has already announced its intention to buy out Double Down Interactive, which is a very famous social gaming software provider. It is also famous for operating the very famous Double Down Casino on the social network Although IGT announced that it is not in the future plans of the company to operate its own internet casino, but it will rather use Double Down interactive to show off its content to potential clients. Despite this, IGT has launched a free to play version of one of its slot games which is based on American Idol for its clients on This move was explained as a way to seduce players to play this game so they can get attached to it, so they will be more than willing to play it for real money when it gets launched on internet casinos.

The gaming analysts Janney Montgomery and Brian McGill have commented on these moves carried out by IGT, they said that IGT could really harm the relationship it has with its regular customers. This is due to the fact that most of its clients are complaining that IGT is becoming a possible competitor instead of a service provider. For example, Joel Simkins, the gaming analyst has spoken with the management of IGT regarding the fact that many casino operators are complaining of the moves that IGT is taking which would turn it into a fierce competitor.

Responding to these allegations, Patti Hart the Chief Executive of IGT has said that IGT has strong connections and stable relationships with its customers. If a few customers are unhappy with the situation and they stop using their service, it will not disrupt IGT in any way.

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