Comfortable Fashionable Shoes?

shoesSpring is here and summer is fast approaching and that means more people are switching to more fashionable heels and sandals.  Shoes like these, while being very elegant and sexy, can also be extremely uncomfortable.  They can pinch your heels or toes, and cause additional strain on your knees and back.  If you experience any of these symptoms, it may not be because you are wearing heels, you just may not be wearing the right heel for you.

If the shoe pinches either your heel or toes, there is a good chance they are not the right size for you.  Try a different style or brand; each shoe is different, and some may be a whole lot more comfortable than others.  Real leather shoes are often more comfortable than ones made of synthetic material, as they tend to give and stretch out a little more, and are a whole lot softer.  If you are getting pain in the ball of your foot, try a cushioned insert.  Many companies make ones specifically for heels, which have provided much relief for many women.


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