Colleges and Universities Online

Colleges and Universities OnlineColleges and Universities Online

Folks today are having to decide on which path to head down for their education. ┬áIn the past it was a simple matter of which school will accept you based on your applications, but with colleges and universities online springing up left and right, there’s a lot more choices to make.

Bachelors Degrees

Finding colleges and universities online that offer a Master’s Degree or even a Doctoral Degree has been a possibility for a good number of years, but lately there has been more of a showing of schools offering Bachelor’s Degrees. It might be because of the changing face of the economy; more people having to work right out of high school, less people filling seats in symposiums, it’s taken a toll on profits for traditional campus type schools. Getting students into classes online is a lot easier because there’s hardly a moment that a twenty-something isn’t without an internet capable device or at least has access to one.

The way business has been for a lot of retail stores and mom and pop stores, there’s probably a lot more time to study while at work too. So those savvy-internet-twenty-somethings are earning their degrees, holding down a job and still have time to have a social life, now that’s something that wasn’t an option for a lot of people until just recently. Are these students of colleges and universities online missing out on something important from not being on campus? Absolutely not, except maybe a few more hangovers than they needed, but the social aspect of the campus lifestyle just doesn’t hold the same power as it used to before the advent of Facebook and social networking. While this phenomena may generate socially lacking individuals, that’s not saying much considering some of the prizes that fraternities have been turning out for a century now.

Advantage? Check Mate

Are students of colleges and universities online receiving an advantage over students that are currently in traditional campus environments? Absolutely. Online colleges and universities are offering accredited degrees, job placement upon completion and as the student can work generally at their own pace, the students of colleges and universities online are able to have families, sacrifice less of their time and enjoy life as they earn their degree. Other advantages include not having to pay for parking, gas to get to campus and often times the course materials are considerably less than those that are required at the traditional colleges.

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