Cloud Storage, Big Changes for LG and Microsoft

Cloud ComputingCloud Storage, Big Changes for LG and Microsoft

Cloud storage is not just for home or work computers anymore.  LG has recently partnered with the cloud storage provider Box to offer a special deal to all of their mobile users that use phones and devices powered by the Android operating Systems.   With this deal, anyone who has an Android phone by LG can automatically and instantly receive fifty gigabytes of storage space absolutely free, if they want it.   One of the greatest things about this is that there is no expiration date; you can sign up for the storage whenever you want simply by downloading the application.

Even better than that is the fact that once you store anything in your free space it is there for however you want it there.  Your space is yours permanently, forever.  LG wasn’t the first company to offer something like this.  HTC came out with a similar deal with a competing company for their Sense 3.5 devices not too terribly long ago. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if more and more cellular phone and tablet companies started offering a deal similar to these in the near future.  It is a fantastic way to build a customer base while taking advantage of such an amazing piece of technology.  Cloud storage isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and will only continue to gain in popularity as the years go by, regardless of what else technology comes up with.


In an effort to keep up with all of the other cloud and web hosting companies that keep showing up everywhere, Microsoft has announced that some changes are being made to their free cloud hosting service, SkyDrive.  They have realized that one of the biggest ‘problems’ with the previous version was its inability to be as user-friendly as many other programs are.  They added several new features and gave the site a facelift in an effort to increase its ease of use.


Sure, it’s a free service, so most people wouldn’t really think too much about it not being the best and easiest possible, but when you’re a company as large and well known as Microsoft then you have to adjust to keep up with your reputation.  One of the major changes that was made was in how files are shared.  It used to be quite a big deal, with many unnecessary steps to simply share a file that would take two or three clicks of a mouse with any other program.  It’s a much simpler process now which everyone can appreciate.

There are also new file management tools that make organizing and re-organizing everything a whole lot faster and easier. Most people are speculating that the changes that have been made to SkyDrive are not solely for an increase in customer use, but for it to seamlessly integrate with the new Windows operating system, Windows 8, that is expected to be released sometime during the 2012 year.

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