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Cloud ComputingCloud Payroll SuiteApp Launched By Infinet Cloud Solutions

Infinet Cloud Solutions, developers and specialist providers of cloud-based enterprise solutions recently launched the Infinet Cloud Payroll SuiteApp. The managing director of the firm, Fraser Selfe, made the announcement. The service was made available to businesses in New Zealand and Australia to those searching for streamlining their payroll services. Based on the development platform provided by NetSuite’s SuiteCloud, this payroll SuiteApp does not need any external integration for providing a seamless and complete payroll solution. The outcome is a simple but a very highly featured and efficient payroll system that that carries NetsSuite’s core functionality at heart.

The NetSuite’s SuiteCloud features a comprehensive list of development tools, cloud-based products, and services that are designed to help software developers and businesses benefit from the financial advantages of cloud computing. The entire SuiteCloud includes always-on SaaS infrastructure, CRM and E-Commerce, NetSuite’s multi-tenant, the Business Suite of Applications from NetSuite for Accounting/ERP and other development tools that are required to create custom business applications, keeping NetSuite as the platform. Selfe also said that Infinet Cloud Solutions found the SuiteCloud Platform to be the most feasible, owing to its excellent scripting capability and flexible customization.

The Payroll SuiteApp is equipped with all the functionalities that businesses in New Zealand and Australia may need to fulfill all their payroll responsibilities successfully, such as IRD and ATO calculations, leave accrual and employee payment. Furthermore, the flexible configuration offers a very simple way of managing staff pay complexities, for example salary, bonuses, allowances, expenses, deductions, salary packaging, etc. The SuiteApp finally prints the pay-slips in PDF form after pay runs are finalized.

Zenith Not To Indulge In Cloud Computing Biz Presently

Zenith InfoTech last week filed an undertaking in the Mumbai High Court that it would not transfer, sell or even create any third party interest or right in its cloud-computing unit until the next hearing. The hearing, which took place on Monday, November 14, Janak Dwarkadash, senior counsel for FCCB (foreign currency convertible bonds) holders, also argued that Zenith’s promoters were unwilling to disclose the amount of the transactions. The case is now adjourned, and will reopen on November 21.

The bondholders, however, demand an undertaking from the firm that it will not sell of its cloud-computing unit until the next date in court. The events started in September this year when the trustee, on behalf of all the bondholders, filed a suit in Mumbai High Court against the sale of Zeniths InfoTech’s business. The court had then ordered all the six entities who were involved in the purchase to share the details of the transactions indecently.

It was only some time later that Summit Partners, a private equity firm based in US and also the buyer of one of the businesses from Zenith, declared it was willing to share the details of the transaction. However, the firm also said that it would only do so if the facts were kept confidential between the involved parties and the court.

Supercomputing Services Added to Amazon Web Services Cloud

The Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large (CC2), the most powerful cloud service to be launched by Amazon Web Services yet, invites higher performing computing users. Amazon recently announced that it was opening its CC2 for public beta testing. Reports indicate that this new instance uses 16 cores and a staggering 60.5GB of RAM, enough to guarantee amazingly high performance.

AWS’s cloud, CC2, offers the same performance fir high-end computer applications that it does for others. These include eliminating the cost as well as the complexity of purchase, configuration and operation of in-house computer clusters. Experts in the industry suggest that applications such as physics simulations, drug and aircraft design, genome and seismic analysis and analytics & business computing are a perfect fit for the firm’s cloud-based clusters.

Specifications of Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large

The Cluster Compute Eight Extra Large or CC2 instance comes with two Intel Xeon processors, each equipped with eight hardware cores. Also included is 60.5GB of RAM bundled with 3.37TB of storage capacity. CC2 is also capable of connecting with virtual servers or other instances that maybe in the same cluster via a 10-gigabit Ethernet. For an on-demand instance, Amazon has priced the service at US $2.40 (£1.50) per hour. Customers can opt for Windows Server 2008 R2 or Linux as their OS.

Amazon also offers a reserved instance for a one-year contract, and this is available at a price of $4,146 (£2,621) + $0.54 (£0.34) per hour. Alternatively, customers may also place their bids in the EC2 Spot Market, a marketplace that allows you to bid for time and reduce your costs. The service, however, has only been made available Northern Virginia region as of now, though the company plans to spread its services countrywide in the years to come.

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