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The majority of people nowadays recognize the term biofuel, or biodiesel fuel, and know that it is something that has been around and in the works for over a decade.  Petroleum supplies are becoming more and more limited, and expensive, and are not good for our environment, prompting researchers and scientists to come up with a better fuel source.

Biofuel Centers

Most biofuel centers focus on the use of petroleum-like substances, vegetable based oils, or even recycling materials into fuel, mainly garbage.  While this technology is ever-changing and becoming closer to finding a solution, most of it is still in the testing phases, meaning it will be awhile before we have a substantial solution.

New Type of Fuel

In addition to providing a new type of fuel, everything that goes with it will have to be remodeled as well, like vehicles and service stations, creating an even longer turnaround time.  Nevertheless, it is our hope that future generations will not have to deal with ever-rising gas prices as we have.

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