Chinese Group to Fund Forthcoming Movie “The Gambling Man”

Slot MachinesA group of Shanghai, China venture capitalists has agreed to provide financial backing to “The Gambling Man”, a 2014 movie project of Borsalino Films. The latter recently acquired the rights to the top-selling novel by Gary Green, in which the author chronicled his colorful yet controversial life as a contemporary casino boss.

Lu Nay of Puji Capital disclosed that investors are contemplating on award-winning actor Robert de Niro to portray the title role, but still subject to official talks. Inasmuch as everyone involved in the project wants to ensure financial success for the landmark venture, other formidable actors who would vie for the role will likely be considered.

“The Gambling Man” is a no-holds barred depiction of Green’s escapades in the world of casino operations, dating as far back as the last days of Meyer Lansky’s gambling empire up to the author’s stint as a Donald Trump casino marketing executive. The Borsalino movie outfit considers the story as unique because Green’s first-person narrative of his exploits, aims to give casino analysts, investors, operators and players, deeper insights about gambling as a business and not simply as a gaming industry.

After all, Gary Green is well recognized as a seasoned casino manager who practices his profession by utilizing business analytics, risk assessments, predictive modeling and up-and-coming technologies in improving the organization, funding and performance of modern casino businesses.

Should De Niro take on the acting job once officially chosen, this will be the second time the actor will assume the role of a casino boss. The first was in the 1995 American crime drama entitled “Casino”, directed by Martin Scorsese.