China Tours, Expanding China’s Railways

China ToursIt is no surprise that the volume of China’s railways is expected to hit a record high of 230 million people during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday. Rising 12.50 percent from last year, they will be adding 293 trains to help take back 25.54 million travelers home after the holiday. This will bring the average number of trains running per day to 2,265.

All of this is in efforts to prevent last year’s overlap in passengers which mainly consisted of students. It created major congestion and they are trying to prevent this from happening again. Other arrangements have been made as well including adding 500 combustion locomotives. The trains are able to move passengers during extreme weather conditions.

A new service provided will allow passengers to make a train reservation via phone which will save a lot of time. It will allow 55,000 people to call in their reservations instead of having to wait at the station. Within the next five years they plan to keep growing the rail system by adding 290 railroad stations as well. The vice-minister of railways, Wang Zhiguo hopes this will help the crowds during this year’s holiday and will assist in future railroad backups.

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