Casino Gambling Microgaming Surge in Traffic

Microgaming has stated that it has witnessed a great surge in the traffic at its the Poker network. This surge was a thirty three percent increase. This statement caused quite a stir in the industry and ignited a debate among the experts and the observers in the internet poker industry in order to figure out the reason behind this amazing increase of traffic.

According to online poker sources, the reason behind the thirty three percent surge in traffic for the Microgaming Poker Network is unknown but this sudden increase in traffic was big enough in order to push the company right back into the top ten after being out of the top ten list for more than two months.

Although the reason is unknown, it didn’t stop experts and observers to speculate and have their take on the subject. Most experts state that this sudden increase in the traffic to the poker network might be caused by the release of the new software that the company released last August.

According to sources, all of the poker websites have witnessed an increase in traffic of 0.8 percent and for the last 3 weeks, the traffic witnessed a surge of 6.5 percent.

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